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Built a B2B SaaS and wondering how to get customers? gives you a list of potential customers who have money and are already using similar technologies.

Start selling in less than 60 seconds 🚀

Boilerplate description

Once you've launched your SaaS, the next thing you're probably thinking is "What comes next? How do I find more customers?"

B2B SaaS Leads lets you quickly download a list of customers who have money, are already using similar tools - and start selling 🚀

This is specially useful if you know what other tech your customers might be using:
👉 Launching a Google Analytics competitor? Download a list of all GA customers!
👉 Building for the e-commerce space? Get a list of everyone who's using shopify or woocommerce!
👉 Building a nocode tool? Who'll be your best customers? That's right, customers of other nocode tools!

One click and you get a CSV in your email with all that you need. A list of websites, company details, funding & revenue info, CEO details etc. All that's left for you to do is to pick up the phone or start writing emails! Happy selling!