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672 technologies found
JavaScript libraries

218.4K companies using jQuery


189.4K companies using Google Analytics

Programming languages

149.3K companies using PHP

Font scripts

143.1K companies using Google Font API

Tag managers

117.4K companies using Google Tag Manager


112K companies using MySQL


108.7K companies using WordPress

JavaScript libraries

98.3K companies using jQuery Migrate

Web servers
Reverse proxies

97.3K companies using Nginx

Web servers

92.4K companies using Apache

Font scripts

83.1K companies using Font Awesome

UI frameworks

78.6K companies using Bootstrap


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    Before I found this, I used to spend thousands of $$$ piecing together leads data from multiple sources. B2BSaaSLeads beats them all.

    Larry Tenney

    Sales Manager

  • "Must have"

    A must have for all SaaS sales teams to beat their quota time and again! I was blown away by the quality of the leads I received!

    Allison Straker


  • "Superpower"

    Reaching out to key decision makers at the moment of decision is a game changer. B2BSaaSLeads is like a superpower in this regard.

    Russell Swann

    Technical Sales Lead


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